EMS ANGELS MC has been founded to promote the enjoyment of owning and riding motorcycles. And as a member of the EMS Angels we will solemnly pledge to abide by the constitution and by-laws and to fulfill our obligations to the best of our ability in rendering aid to the sick and injured, regardless of race, color or creed; to stand ready at all times to render aid to those in need; to conduct ourselves as good members and to promote the ideals of this organization, we further pledge to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.

Membership in EMS Angels is not for everyone. It requires a serious commitment to be a part of something greater. It isn’t about donning a leather vest with a cool patch and acting the part. It’s a lifestyle, a belief system and it’s about living it! It’s a commitment to be part of a brotherhood and work to help others that are less fortunate by participating in various events, both local and in surrounding counties and states. monthly meetings are a requirement! It’s a commitment to be there time and time again for your brothers and sisters, as they will be there for you. If you are a "club jumper or patch collector", or just want to “play biker”, we do not want you. We want quality individuals that are willing to make a commitment and stand by it… Still interested? Good, you might have what it takes… Contact us to find out more.

our patchThe meaning behind our patch is as follows: St. Michael the Archangel is the patron saint of police and EMS personnel. In Catholicism, St. Michael is the defender, the bearer of truth and the avenger of wrong. He is often depicted in art and history as bearing a sword or a staff. He wields the sword and staff against the devil and evil. He is usually perceived as a winged angel with either staff or sword raised and ready for battle. Our patch depicts the angel with a hidden face but with wings and staff raised. He is standing before the star of life, the traditional symbol of paramedicine. The six arms represent Detection, Reporting, Response, On-Scene Care, Care in Transit and Delivery to Definitive Care. Two of the arms are morphed into cylinders, representative of care in transport. The angel is positioned behind the caduceus, the traditional symbol of healing and medicine. There are two sources of information regarding the caduceus. The biblical reference is to the bronzed serpent that Moses raised in the desert (Book of Numbers, 21:9) and the classic Greek mythology refers to the story of the god Asclepius, son of Apollo. Both have contributed to the standard interpretation of the two snakes (or one) wrapped around a pole as being a symbol of healing. The patch is a very sophisticated and artistic representation of the values of the EMS Angels.




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