We do rallies and first aid.

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We benefit Gulf Coast Bikers for Bears.

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To our graduated brothers and sisters.

Our Officers

President, Richard Pierce, Road Name Rocco - I ride a Victory and will ride it til the wheels fall off!. I have worked for Galveston County Health District in Public Health Preparedness for the past ten years. I grew up in Southern California. Had my first Honda motorbike in 1968 at eight years old. I rode as much as possible, had a closed course track in my backyard and would go out to motocross tracks on the weekends. At 15 I raced high school motocross in the 100 and 125cc classes and won races for my school. Eventually I progressed into open-class motocross and desert racing. Now I just ride my Victory!
Ed Smith, Jr

Vice President, Edwin H. Smith Jr.
Road Name: “Jr.”
Birthday: November 16th
Spouse: Sallie
Children: Cherrelle, Greg, Tatyana, and Ty
Grandchildren: Ethan, Taylor, Trinity, and Mason
Siblings: David and Leonard - (Deceased 2001)
I am currently working as a registered nurse at UTMB-League City in the Emergency Department. My professional interests include EMS and Hospital Collaboration and Disaster Management. I have been involved with EMS since 1998 after serving 4 years in the US Navy as a Hospital Corpsman. I worked at Galveston EMS for 10 years which included part time service. I obtained my nursing license in 2005 after completing the Paramedic to RN transition course. I left EMS all together in 2008. My father Edwin H Smith Sr. was my mentor in getting into EMS and he also assisted the EMS Angels with the share the pain teddy bear project. In my spare time which is very little, I enjoy watching football, hanging out with family, riding motorcycles, and outdoor activities. I enjoy helping people and love to encourage people to expand their knowledge, grow professionally and personally. Overall I am just a laid back guy.

Scott Kassler
Business Manager - Scott Kassler
Paul Jones

Chaplain/Sgt at Arms - Paul Jones
Road Name Eagle


Secretary - Bonnie Hosmer-Pierce
Road Name Sassy

Just ask, but remember, you asked, and I'll answer you honestly. If you blush remember you asked.

Tailgunner - Kip Stubbs
Road Name Papa Bear

Papa Bear returns to the Angels after spending the last few years in New Orleans and Pensacola Beach. He is a retired commercial offshore Diver MedicĀ  who keeps himself busy working as a Hyperbaric Safety Director for one of the largest clinical hyperbaric and wound care providers in the USA. He’s a BOI (Galveston native) who enjoys motorcycling, shooting and the beach. It’s rumored he also enjoys long romantic walks to the refrigerator (we’ll not comment on this). He rides a Spyder RT-S with his beautiful wife, Ally Kat and he wouldn’t have his life any other way. EAFFEA


Road Captain - Tabby
Road Name Tora

Still waters run deep!

Our Nomads

The Joker is nothing more or less than ultimate personification of chaos, anarchy, death, destruction, madness and psychopathy. Although, he himself claims to not be insane, but rather "just ahead of the curve". This proves to be at least partially true, as the Joker is extremely calculating, cunning, and a competent strategist.


Nomad Secretary - Babs has a deep inner desire to use her abilities in leadership, and to have personal independence. She would rather focus on large, important issues, and delegate the details.


Catfish is a genius with some simple lessons we should all take to heart about accepting and loving yourself, cutting out the negativity in your life, not relying on material goods, and forget those who won't show you the same love you show them.

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